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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yuwie?? Aww Phuwie!!

While I'm sitting here LOL at my son trying to get all hip hop with Corey from Corey in the House, tryin to Rock Dis Xmas.... I trying to keep from being mad in his taste buds.

I made carrot cake for the first time, since I got my juicer. I buy alot of carrots to juice along with my cooking. I don't like cooked carrots that much unless I make them um.. sweet potato style. So increasing my carrot intake is great for me. Gotta keep the skin glowing.

Anyway, I decided to make some carrot cake with it instead of throw the pulp away. It turned out great. However, I didn't make the cream cheese topping because, well, I never like that too much.

So I though the kids would love it right. Sweet cake with pecans? Yum. NOT. Both my kids say no. I'm so surprised. Not at my daughter though. She doesn't like many sweets anyway. But my boy.. What?! Are you kidding.

Guess I will be calling some friends and family over for some carrot cake. I'm sure there will not be a crumb left.

Speaking of crumbs...
I got in BigCrumbs through Yuwie, and it looks cool. It even loads better than Yuwie. I'm trying to get the hang of Yuwie, but if it didn't take so d@*n long just to navigate through the site, I might do more with the thing.
I know it's great to get paid to do what we are doing now in Myspace or Facebook, but if they really want to compete with money, then they better get their act together.

Anyway, I primarily use BigCrumbs to do my Ebay shopping with. It's great to get a good bid on Ebay, but even better to get some of the money back. Since I use Mela's marketplace to use loyalty dollars, I can be torn between which discount path should I use. Broken%20Heart

Next time...

My experiment with Google Sites.

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