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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Newsletter for 2008

Happy Holidays
from Our Family to Yours

2009 will be here
before you know it.

as this crazy year of 2008 comes to a close, I like to go over
the highlights if this year for me. First, I made a big move
living in a new town and a new way of life compared to Chicago.
I don’t think I will ever regret the move financially, but
spiritually, I felt little homesick very quickly. And with the
crazy gas prices over the summer, I couldn’t travel as much
as I wanted to. When I finally got my son ready for pre-school, I
felt that it was time for me to do the same. One of the best
decisions I made this year. It feels good to expand my
boundaries, and start taking this to the next level, since I’m
such a techy person.


So, what do have planned for 2009? Well, of
course you have the weight loss thing to consider, and I’m
preparing for that as we speak. I didn’t overdo it this
holiday season, but this summer was the worst for me. I don’t
know why I gained more over the summer than winter. I can only
say that it could have been stress. Let’s see if this
“Time for Change” theme song will play for awhile as
a #1 hit!

Last Minute Online Shopping Tips

making a shopping list, creating — and sticking to —
a realistic budget


  • Shop

  • Read
    sale ads carefully.

  • Consider
    your time and travel costs.

  • Look
    for price-matching policies.

  • Go
    online. Check out websites that compare prices.

  • Carefully
    consider bargain offers that are based on purchases of
    additional merchandise.

  • Clip

  • Ask
    about sale adjustments.

  • Staying
    on Track

  • Regardless
    of how you pay for your purchases, remember to:

  • Keep
    track of your spending.

  • Save
    your receipts.

  • Ask
    for gift receipts.

  • Ask
    about refund and return policies.

  • Keep
    good records.

  • Ship

  • Keep
    an eye on your wallet. .

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Trade Commission’s website

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