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Friday, December 12, 2008

Chicken soup for my closest souls.

Issue# I had double dental appointments for my two kids who both chipped their front tooth. I never chipped my front teeth when I was a kid. Was I extra careful? Not sure. I was a little tom boyish, but they did very good today.

Issue# 2 I bought my son some new boots and he has fat feet. I can’t keep them all the way down, and he doesn’t try to push. Why I gotta sweat in the morning trying to pry his Flintstones in these boots.

Issue# 3 My cuzo is sick cause she has a slum landlord that we have to threaten with Channel 10 news if they didn’t get their act together. I had to hit her up with some Melagel. Treating it like Vicks vapor rum is good for decongesting and disinfecting.

Issue# 4 I need to get out and finish my work, but I have to wait til the soups done before I can go anywhere. *sigh* Well, I will be ready to roll out later. I just hope it doesn’t snow again. I just saw three car accident, and a police chase around the block. Been a lot of burglaries lately, I’m not surprise if authorities are closing in on folks.

Issue# 5 It’s finals! Nuff said.

Need MelaGel?


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