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Sunday, December 7, 2008 - Image#blog
So, I see 2012 Enigma is finally rating high in Google videos. That's
wonderful, because with all the doom and gloom 2012 has, it's about time
folks are paying attention to what really matters and what makes sense. All
those other "the world is going to end" sites gotta go. I was watching the
news the other day about the polar shifting some more after the tsunami
recently. Duh! If we were paying attention to the sun, we would have saw
this common like our ancient ancestors, but don't get me started.

Anyway. another #1 spot that the open source community is fighting for is
the Open Web Award.

Open Web Awards

Looks like might get it. I'm test driving it now, and it looks
promising. We all want to find ways to make social networking easy, and it
looks like Ping will get the job done in collaboration with them all, and
truly showing the power of API. I can't wait to I get to that part in my
studies. Looks like it's fun and creative. Don't worry, that's the geeky
side of me talking.

Well, that's it for my blogging test run. I'll update later.

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