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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Robot Love, "A Cinderella Story"

This story is inspired by Zoltan, a guy from Georgia who has an informative website on how to make a "robotic sexual partner" and why he's more confortable with robots instead of humans.

Cinderbot was a model #3 robotic helper that was hacked by it's father for advanced computing and artifical intellegence. The Cinderbot loved it's father and life was good. Then one day, he married with a woman with two daughters. They did not like the idea of having a robot call them "sister", and felt that Cinderbot was only made to serve humans. Unfornatunately, Cinderbot's father was killed at the manufacturing plant he worked, and Cinderbot was now owned by it's stepmother. Besides doing the basic chorus, Cinderbot missed having conversations with it's father who treated it more human.

One day the prince of the land, Zoltan, has come to age to be married. He has a problem with relationships with woman and usually more entertained with model #4 and #5 robots. He parents urged him to marry a nice woman and stop hanging around with robots all the time. But he replied, "Humans are so biological and messy," he told them. "Plus, there's all the obvious problems with humans— AIDS, alimony etc— that I just wanted to avoid."

Back in the cottage, Cinderbot is busy creating clothings, and styling it's stepsister's hair for the Great Kingdom Ball. Cinderbot was dismayed that the event was only made for humans, and wanted to go out of curiousity. It ask the stepsister's if it could go, just in case they need it's assisting, But they laughed, "No Ciderbot, there is no need for your services at the event. There will be royal robots there to assist us and they are higher models than you. We don't want to look poor with such a low class model as yourself."

As Cinderbot watched it's owners get into the spacepod to the Great Kingdom of the Sky, it slowly moved to it's recharge station, and begins to power down and download system upgrades. Then something happened, while Cinderbot was downloading hotfixes, a trojan horse appeared and began to invade it's hardware. But this was no oridinary Virus, it was build by Cinderbot's father according to the registry, to advance older systems. This project was the last thing he was working on before the terrible accident that killed him. Cinderbot decided to bypass it's normal defense systems against the Virus, and trust that it's father had made this program for it.

Once the download started, Cinderbot started conputing faster than it ever thought possible. It was even computing at speeds faster than the Model #6 robots that are still in beta. It was also able to download other top secret information from the Great Kingdom that even the Royal robots wasn't privileged to know. Later it finds that a plot against the Great Kingdom was being planned by a secret society to overthrown the Great Kingdom. After the download was complete, it ordered a spacepod to the Great Kingdom, something that it was limited to do before hand, but now, Cinderbot has the ability to hack into every network in the system.

Later at the Kingdom, the Prince is bored with all the women at the Ball trying to win his affection. He wanted to go to his virtual room and play with the Royal Robots and download this new game that is in beta for the new Model #6 robots.

When Cinderbot arrived, it went to the maintenance area of the Great Kingdom where the robots were stored. It knew it was not allow access in the palace as only a Model #3 and needed a disguise. All robot models are built alike but with different barcodes engraved on their right arm. Cinderbot went to the maintenance entrance, hack the code and entered. Then it went to the robot lockers where spare parts were, and detached it's arm and replaced it with a Royal Model #5 robot's arm.

As it tried to make it's way to the ballroom where the guest were, it was interrupted by a servant, "Why are you going to the ballroom, Model #5? You are stationed in the kitchen." Cinderbot replied, "Urgent, food recall. Biological hazard #569484." This inquired that something was wrong with a food product being served and needed to be replaced. The servant alarmly stated, "Nonsense! it's already been through the scanners. Who gave you these orders?" Seeing that the misinformation is not working, Cinderbot had no choice but to retain the servant will an electroshock, and quietly move him to a nearby closet.

When Cinderbot arrived in the ballroom, it was immediately noticed by Zoltan. The Prince knew his parents ordered no robots were allowed in the ballroom for the event. Before his parents noticed or could order the robot to removed, he ran to the robot. As he got closer to the robot, it noticed something different about it. It's eyes didn't look so blatant. It's mode seemed retentive. It's built looked a little older. It's was unique.

"Model #5..." said the Prince, "state your purpose." And Cinderbot turned to him and smiled very slightly. This gesture stopped the Prince dead in his tracks. "Did it just smile at me?" he wondered. "No way, this is in my head, Robots were specifically programmed not to show any emotions in fear of attachments of the owners." stating the policies in the Great Kingdom of Robotics handbook. "I have an important message for you from my father, Dr. Alex Grey." The Prince was in shocked. Then he looked around to see if this was some sort of prank being played on him by his cousin. But everyone in the ballroom was carrying on as normal. No one seems to notice him talking to the robot, as he is well-known for his work in robotic engineering with Dr. Grey. While the King was busy traveling the galaxies, Dr. Grey was like a father to him. He grew up in the Robotics lab, testing and breaking things, remembering phrases, "I want you to create something from which you break. You have 5hrs."

Looking at the female model robot, he knew something was wrong, and all female model robots were restricted to this area for the evening. "Come with me" he stated, and took the female bot hand. Something that would seem odd to do with a robot, and his cousin begins to walk over. "Cinderbot", it stated. He stopped and looked at the robot again. None of the royal robots were programmed with names because they are entreprise models. Only the personal home and small business models were programmed with names. "You are Dr. Grey's home edition." he stated. Cinderbot smiled again. At this momeht, his cousin noticed the smiled stated, "Breaking the rules again are we, cousin. With all the beautiful women of the galaxies, you patronize a cold-heartless thing. Come now, I've found some delightful women than may suit your needs." Aggravated by his cousin's rudeness, he argued, "I will only be a minute." His cousin laughs, "You men and your toys. Do as you will." Cinderbot suddenly stated, "Your honest, are you away of a valiral disease. Level 4 sir. I will notify emergency pick up." He cousin cried, "Oh, um.. no, no.. I'll take care of it."

"Please sir," it demanded, "it's approaching Level 5." then the cousin hurried off. Amused by the ... Cinderbot, the prince said, "Lets go to the lab". And at the push of a button, they stepped into a black hallway, and was teleported to the lab. The prince could not help but stare at Cinderbot. "Did Dr. Grey break policies for his home edition?", he wondered. "Was death really an accident? There may be a message in this robot. I have to find out before Cinderbot is discovered and destroyed." "I was built on the day of your birth." Cinderbot replied. But he did not say anything, but knew that she could tell by his vital signs that he was getting concerned about their situation. "I was born right there" Cinderbot gestured to Dr. Grey's personal labrotary space. The prince realized that if this robot was this advanced over 30 years ago. But at the time, this invention was too life like and with psychological complixicities too advanced for personal users to handle it.

After examining CInderbot's cybernetic brain, he found the virus that gives Cinderbot hacking abilities, and discovered a terrible secret. As he begin to uncover the mystery of Cinderbot, he began to grow found of her natural matterisms that resemble Dr. Grey's. "What should you do about the plot to overthrow the Great Kingdom of the Sky?" Cinderbot asked. "I'm not sure at this point." he said, "I have to figure out a plan and keep you safe. Who is your own... I mean, where do you stay Cinderbot?" he implied, not sure how Cinderbot reacts to the relationships between humans and robots. "I stay with my stepmother and siblings." Cinderbot said. "You must hurry, they are coming." Before the Prince had a chance to ask who was coming, the lab door was open and walks in his father, uncle, and cousin looking very angry. "Son!" the king yelled, "There is a rogue robot on the loose in the Kingdom that has injured a staff member and..." and when Cinderbot came into his view, he yelled, "Seize that robot!"

The two model #5 robots approached Cinderbot, looking perplexed because they couldn't override Cinderbot programming and shut it down. "Syntax error, Syntax error!" the two robots repeated over and over. "What's the meaning of this?" yelled the uncle. "No robot detected, no robot detected." the robots began to repeat. "Father... " said the Prince, "there is something special about this robot. This is Dr. Grey's home edition. I believe that Dr. Grey's death was no accident, and he programmed this robot to warn us about something." The King, who was always jealous of Dr. Grey's relationship with his son, "if this is true, then it violates the policies for robotics and must be decommissioned." "Please Father, this robot could be the answer of true artifical intelligence. Dr. Grey build this robot over 30 years ago and...." "Enough!" his father roared, "guards, bring in the ESP guns and stop this robot." Cinderbot was quickly calculating an excape route, and jumped up and through a vent. The men hurried away calling for more guards.

Worried about what to do next, the Prince did the only logical solution to this problem. Tell the Queen. The Queen was always very passionate and caring woman. She assisted Dr. Grey in much of his research in early days. She enjoyed her son's fasination was robotics but now was determine to be a grandmother. The Queen looked up, immediately she knew something was wrong, "Son what on earth is the matter? Where have you been?"

"Mother! It's Dr. Grey! It's his home edition. Mother you have to help!" the prince said out of breathe, and began to tell his mother Cinderbot's story. His mother listening to his son, remembers Dr. Grey working on Cinderbot in the labortory. She never got to see her activation because she went into labor. "Ok son. Bring Cinderbot to me immediately. I will handle your father's stubbornness." The Prince wasn't sure how to find Cinderbot, because she's completely unpredictable. He went to his room, to gather tools and more information he will need to locate Cinderbot. When he got to his room, he hurried and got online about more personal information about Dr. Grey, a scientist that he thought he knew, but wonders now what type of man he really was. Then Cinderbot comes out of his closet. "Cinderbot! You're ok!" and hurried and hugged Cinderbot. Cinderbot was confused, as to why his heart rate level is elevated. "What is wrong?" Cinderbot asked. The Prince turning red, realizing what he did, and was embarrassed. "Sorry.. " he mumbled.

"I don't know what to do Cinderbot. I told my mother and she said she had a plan. Hacked into the Kingdom's computer system, Cinderbot knew what the Queen's plan was. Cinderbot is assisting the Queen to gather the Universal Emergency Councel of New Discoveries, or the UECND. This emergency issue to scientific discoveries that could changed the Universal consciousness once discovered and a meeting must be held among all planets to discuss the merits and ethics of the situation. There hasn't been one called since the discovery of a stable worm hole over 70 years ago. "Everything will be ok my Prince. We must create something out of which is broken." sayed Cinderbot. At that moment, the Prince knew the answer, and said, "let's hurry back to the lab via the encrypted royal gateway."

Back at the lab, he we to the mainframe to look up some history, and confirmed his conclusion. Cinderbot was created before the policies were written. Maybe she does not have to be confined to those laws. She is the 1st artificial intelligence created by Dr. Grey. Cinderbot should be here within the palace. Then the Queen sent a msg informing him that the UECND meeting will occur with 1 hour and to bring Cinderbot. "I have tried to contact your father, but his stubbornness will not answer. Please hurry to the main meeting hall before your father discovers Cinderbot!" "Yes Mother. Thank you." the Prince said, and he tries to hurry to get Cinderbot to the special meeting.

Cinderbot yells, "Sir, we must hide!" and then the guards came in, and started looking around. "I could have sworn I heard something in here." said one guard. Cinderbot came from behind and electroshock both the guards. The Prince said, "Well done Cinderbot. Let's hurry, and get to the meeting." Finally at the entrance to the meeting hall, he was stopped by the King. "Hold it Son. I see your mother has called the UECND over this robot." "Cinderbot!" said Cinderbot. The King looked at the robot with a humorous grin. "When will ever have grandchildren, my son. Will this infaction with robots go too far? We are breaking so many rules, when will it end?" The Prince replied, "It will end when do not find a need to explore." "Aw, my son, a hunger than has never been fulfilled."

Cinderbot was perplexed by the exchange between the King and Prince. They continued to the great meeting hall, where the Queen awaits... At the meeting, the guess arrived via vitual connections, the Queen stated, "Counsel, I have called this meeting to introduce you to Cinderbot, the first Royal Robot!" The counsel was amazed at that statement, and watch as Cinderbot begins to tell her story.

*Note: I could have expanded more but this was a Sci-Fi assignment, and I didn't want it to be too long.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 1.5

I started off being so pissed about someone taking my grill off my backporch that I didn't eat well. So I just drank a lot of Fiberwise, green super food, and protein shake to prep myself for the Master Cleanse. But I think I got the wrong type of sea salt because I didn't have any eliminations last night. But I woke this morning and have my normal scheduled one. So I tried a lit bit of Epson salt and water, and I think it works a lit better for me but that stuff is sooooo nasty.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What does it mean when a guy awakes in a state of fear cause he dreamed he was preggo?
is Fascinated by: Disappearing Car Doors: A Revolutionary Concept in Car Technology & Design (

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Man.. stupid driver capabilities, monitor, no help having tech folks, VGA goofy reading right acting CPU not being cool with me.. AAAAHHHH

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sorry for the double-post earlier. I think my cell got carsick too.
Lord help me. My aunts driving is making me so carsick. I'm gonna toss my cookies.
Lord help me. My aunts driving is making me so carsick. I'm gonna toss my cookies.
Lord help me. My aunts driving is making me so carsick. I'm gonna toss my cookies.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

is singing, "bang, bang, bang... skit...skit..#skittles" LOL.. couldn't resist.
I think I had too much cheese.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I wonder if a couple of my classmates want to get their Groove on with me? (
Talk about a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Just happy no jacket is needed.
Cool!!! - Twitter Job Search Engine. (
Social Media Playtime Is Over - Advertising Age - DigitalNext (

Monday, March 16, 2009

Melaluca up $28-million in sales - They will do great this year as well. (

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm impressed at myself. Drowsy, but stayed on task. @Melaleuca_inc vitamins helped me balance today.
Why does it seem like, the more you clean... the more you clean?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dealing with ignorant racism on my yahoo blog. It's a shame it's getting so heated since Obama. smh...
Weekend internet users slows me down to a crawl. *sigh*
RT @wilw Einstein birthday? Oh wow.. He even has his own party pack set

Friday, March 13, 2009

Femoral acetabular impingement (FIA) occurs when the head of the femur does not have full range of motion within the socket. Ouch! Doesn't sound good.
Why am I sitting in ER on Friday 13th? Dis really sucks monkeyballs.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now I gotta half broken cork floatin in my bottle. Ain't dis bout a.....
Ok.. Who in da hell broke the cork off my E&J XO? It's getting late and time for evening treat before bed. Yall better be happy yall sleep!

Monday, March 9, 2009

How come I can only get sound in my skype app on Kubuntu? Weird. And when I searched for it, it's a common problem. Solutions anyone?
Happy about my install, now reading: Ubuntu Newbie Guide: First 24 Hours With Ubuntu (

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hey @bginx bj mad cause I just made myself burb really loud, and then mina. And he's growlin tryin 2 make it come out. He's pissed off
BigCrumbs has been around for over 2 years and eBay members have earned cash back on millions of dollars in purchases.
"One of this days.. bj.. one of this days.. baaang zooom!"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally got a skype wifi phone. Now I have to watch my 3yr old calling my skype friends. Sorry @cindymcasey if he called ya.
I think I've experienced the daylight saving time too early because I've been waking an hr earlier since Mon.

Friday, March 6, 2009

What a sickly & painful week. I need to make my kids walk on my back.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Focus Tip of the day

"When I learn to juggle personal goals with more basic needs in my home life, I will succeed at making both me and my family proud."

Expanding my home network has been on my mind for about two months now. Sooner or later, I knew I would have to get another computer, but just didn't know which means to go by for just an extra desktop upstairs. Pawn shop? Ebay? I'm not into anything new at the moment.

So, I make good time getting to class today. Trying to get into the swing of things and improving my writing this semester. I go to the cafĂ© to get some more coffee and maybe a turkey sandwich, and low and behold….

Computer liquidation sale, everything must go!

Yep, DeVry got new computers, extended classrooms, and other network remodeling. Great, I thought, I could at least get a decent CPU to run LinuxOS on for experience and expand my network.

"How much for one of these professor?" (one of the IT instructors is assisting to run the show) and I pointed to the line up on the table. Some of them looked disassembled.

"$10. But these are just for parts." and as I was beginning to get dismayed, and thinking of the experience of working inside a CPU and before completely the thought of, Well it's only 10 buck… he said, "But these models over here at the end are completely build for $50." What? Only $50.. Ok, I'm gonna get one, but he interrupts my thoughts again, "Or you can get 2 for $80" So, thinking rapidly, Oo I could use one for a desktop and one as a file server.. Sold

Comes with no OS, completely cleaned out. After I loaded up the car and went back to class, I was thinking of all the extras I need and what to bid on ebay. Then I went back downstairs, thinking well, I should at least try to find some of the accessories I need.

"I'm back" I announced. "I need accessories, how much are the keyboards?"




"Power cords?"

"You have to go through that box in the back row"

So, I went through it, found 2 power cords, 2 printer cords, 2 monitor cords, and ethernet cable.

"Ok, how much for these cords and cables?"

"Um….I'll give em to ya for $1"

So, I got two keyboards, mouse, and cords for $5.

They didn't give up monitors, but that's ok, I have an extra at home. Plug everything in, start it up, and I my monitor is acting all weird. I bet my son did something to it. It's been in my closet for months. Before I pickup BJ, I better try to find a monitor at the pawn shop. Got a decent Panasonic for $25 and I was good to go.

Get home, hook it up, and the regular "no boot disk…restart with boot disk" warnings came up so I'm ready to roll. I have to find a good LinuxOS. The last thing I want to do is waste money on proprietary software with 2004 CPUs. I'm just happy I have two 80GB of storage to add stuff. Something is wrong with my DVD-Rom drive on my laptop, (BEEEEJAAAY), so I can't create an image CD for Ubuntu or other LinuxOS systems, so I just had to order from Amazon for 1cent and wait. Once I add the OS and the CPUs to my wireless network, I can begin the Twilight Hack for the Wii, then I will be satisfied with my home network.

Then I remember posting a funny comment to Chris Pirillo about "FreeNAS" because I said, "You're gonna have NAS fans thinking he got locked up, and is now free. Ha"
Woohoo! School old CPU and parts sale. Now I can play around the linux world.
Reading: "Facebook Goes After Twitter <--@perrybelcher Recommends"
Zotero: This Firefox Addon will help speed up my research process with my projects. Glad I found it early on. (

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reading & Agreeing With: There's still hope for gamer movies (

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That was cool. When I went to it took me to their facebook page. I wonder if that's because of my @yoono is open on facebook?
I finally thru that filthy teddy bear in the wash. But will he notice and freak out on me?
Oh wow. I found my earring on the ground at my sons daycare. Ha. Feel better.
I really hurt my back yesterday. This is what I get for trying to be supermom.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just fine and dandy. Mic check 12 1 2... Hehe
And while I'm checking my email, lets see how's it going from my googletalk
RT Let me see if I experience any weirdness before I'm off to bed.
Only by being adaptable to the demands of the time can the highest good emerge.
This changing weather has really gotten to me. ☼ Rain, cold, snow. 3rd day. Feels like I need 2 more. Boiling water with tea tree oil.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I actually finished early today with my hussle. That's perfect. Now I can get a headstart tomorrow.
Stay Home, Make Money, while improving health, because safer is better.
Time for some "Activate". I feel a cold coming on. Immunity Boosters Here I come.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My finger hurts. I don't know why.
Feeling good about my final. So good in fact, I think I should go rape someone.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's a beautiful day in da neighborhood. Heello neighbor! *skippin* Tralala lalalala

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The government has conceded that vaccines cause autism. (

Monday, February 23, 2009

Senate bill pushes employer tax credit for telecommuters - Business - (
Now I have to play with knobs like Brandie. What's really going on around here.
My furnace went out. Maintenance fixed it. Now will not shut off. I'm burning up ova here. Hot.. Windows and doors open. 90 degrees!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Listening to: Part 2
Listening to: David Wilcock New Interview
Time to get ready for weekend guest from some of chi-towns finest. But 1st, I betta take my final.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Bling for your Web Browser

Bling, Bling for Your Web Browser

Chrome Security Issues: Style vs. Safety



to Scripting and Database with Lab

Comp230 Security Research Paper

February 20, 2009

Table of

Figure 1 Tech Terms Searched Dec.
08 2

Figure 2 Task Manager: Local
Processing Example 5

Figure 3 Error Image in Vista &
Google Chrome 6

Table of Contents

Table of Figures i

Introduction 1

Web browser
Security Issues 2

Updates and
Patches 3

Cross Site
Scripting (XSS) 4

No browser is perfect 6

Security 7

Future Problems 7

Third party
extensions 8

Conclusions 9

References 10


Google Chrome is
Google’s newest application that was build for streamlining
complex web applications for simplicity, safety, and speed. (Google)
I've been experimenting with Google Chrome for almost 4 months now,
and love the speed. But does this speed cause security risks? This
paper will explore the many features of Google Chrome and discuss
these new trends of web development. These comparisons will also
examine common security issues and how Google Chrome handles them.

Web browser Security Issues


Many users have
experience malicious software some time or another. Usually after
losing important data, or having your computer completely locked down
due to a pop-up ad to...”How I made $10,000 in 10 days!"
and next thing you know, your browser and computer is rendered
useless. Brett Burney from the Legal Tech newsletter agrees,
stating: “We've
all been warned that simply visiting a Web site can immediately
compromise the security of our computer -- along with the
confidential data that it stores

(Burney, 2009) The default
settings for web browsers are Javascript enable. The problem with
malicious scripts is browsers cannot tell the difference between
scripts generated by the website versus scripts generated by users,
for example, comments on a blog or a forum. Google Chrome has been a
popular topic and search team recently posted in eWeek, (Figure 1)

Tech Terms Searched
Dec. 08

From eWeek "In Search Of…" eWeek (2009),
volume 26 (1), p. 13-13.


Updates and Patches


With new patches and
versions to address these security issues, our web browsers need to
be consistently updated. Not long ago, updates needed to be done
manually, or you had to create your own script to check for updates.
But many programs come with auto-updates build in the application.
interesting concept is Chrome's virtual JavaScript machine, called
V8. Google's Chromium team built its own virtual environment for all
JavaScript execution
(Grimes, 2009) The Chief Information Officer’s community
and website has written numerous articles and white papers about the
Google chrome because of its innovative team up with Chromium.
(Chromium) Since Chromium has come up with their
own virtual Javascript machine, this minimizes the risk of malicious
scripts being executed.

Cross Site Scripting


When you surf a
site, a common attack is cross site scripting. JavaScripts are
scripts for the user interface to extract information about user's
activity from browser cookies and the information is used for related
links, content or events. You get an email notification from a social
network like Myspace and Facebook, and you click on the link and it
looks just like the site. Unfortunately, you may not notice the URL
of the network is slightly different or extremely long compared to
your regular reference link to check messages. Once you enter
personal information on these “phishing” sites, malicious
script now has your login information, and if it's a financial
company like Paypal, they can begin using your account information to
make thousands of dollars worth of purchases in less than 60 seconds.



Google came up with
a different solution called the sandbox. The new IE browser 8 beta
version, also has similar capacities. (Fierce, 2009)
Sylvain from the Google Chrome Browser website explains the sandbox
as follows: “If
an attacker is able to exploit the browser in a way that lets him run
arbitrary code on the machine, the sandbox would help prevent this
code from causing damage to the system. The sandbox would also help
prevent this exploit from modifying and even reading your files or
any information on the system

(Sylvain, 2008)


In other words, the
sandbox is like a separator for website processes. If you go to your
Task Manager (Figure 2), you can click on the processes tab, look at
each application you have running on your computer, and how much
memory the processes are using. What Google chrome does differently
is separating all of these processes in their own sandbox, like the
URL bar, tabs, access tokens, plugins, etc. Then Chrome will share
the common processes between websites which will increase the browser
speed and add extra security.

Task Manager: Local
Processing Example

The more javascript
on a website, the more local processing is required to load the page.
That's why many dynamic websites that have javascript takes longer
to load.


This will prevent an
attacker from going any further than the original application its
hiding under. Because according to Google chrome, it's already in
its own sandbox. Once I do have a process go down, I have the
familiar image of a dead puzzle piece on my Vista (Figure 3), but
only for that tab. Other tabs that are open within the browser are
not affected, while with other browsers, the whole application could
freeze up.


Error Image in Vista &
Google Chrome


No browser is perfect


But even with the
sandbox, Google Chrome doesn't have robust security options. And I'm
use to my Firefox adblocker, which increases the speed of firefox
browser by blocking scripts. Chrome does not give you the option to
disable Javascript like other browsers. The primary reason Google
doesn't condone disabling scripts is because that is their primary
source of revenue, Google Adsense and Adwords. While looking at
YouTube videos of my favorite computer geeks, I found a comment about
this issue, and it was suggested to use privoxy. Privoxy is a web
proxy that acts as my adblocker for Google Chrome. I was very happy
it works with Google Chrome, because now the speed is increased even
more with the sandbox. Now you can compare the two browsers with an
adblocker on both of them, and Google chrome still comes out on top.
Even without additional plug-ins. (JunkBusters)
you visit during a private session generally won't be able to access
cookies, history, or other browser data created or saved before you
entered the session”

p. 50

 Incognito mode
is a feature of Google Chrome that offers these features as many
other web browsers. I would definitely use the Incognito mode in
public access terminals. For example, I'm surfing the web at my
local public library, and using IE to check my emails and check my
social network status. Usually, I'm asked if I would like to "save
my password" of course, I always check, “Not now”,
or “never”. But if I was in a private session, I don't
have to worry about this issue. Larkins in the PC World article,
also realize that private web sessions can be considered misleading
because an average user may see this feature as an added security
stating: “Just keep in mind that they're not a panacea, and
that they're for secrecy, not additional safety”
(Larkin, 2008) p.50. The security this may add is for a
multi-users network to prevent seeing each other private information,
especially if users use the same computer like home networks. You
may also install Google Chrome without requiring Administrator-level
access. (Metz, 2008)

Password Security


You can't protect
the password manager like other browsers.
“Chrome allows the current user to reveal
the saved log-on names and passwords in plaintext with a few clicks
of the mouse”
At first, I thought this feature was very cool, especially when using
another browser and you may forget a password, or need to have text
file for passwords. Hopefully, Google will see this oversight and
let users secure their passwords. This may be overconfidence on
Google's security features. But this doesn't prevent someone copying
your info once you walk away from the computer.


Future Problems


There are many sites
I cannot access with Google Chrome. An example, of course, is the
DevryU website. There are other know issues that the Google support
(Team) knows about. Here are some of their
security flaws:

  • Google Chrome
    does not support SSL client authentication

  • Does
    not support the embedding of
    controls (I can't use Microsoft Outlook module for Igoogle in

  • Google Chrome
    doesn't work with NTLM authentication

Third party extensions

Google is starting
registration for developers to create extensions for Google Chrome.
Since Google used Chromium, they have strict guidelines for
extensions. “Extension components will typically be
implemented using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS with
a few extra extension APIs that we design. Extensions will run in
their own origin, separate from any web content, and will run in
their own process”. (Chromium) Some of
their requirements for security include:

  • It must not be possible for third-party code to get access to
    privileged APIs because of the extension system.

  • Extensions
    should be given only the privileges they require, not everything by

  • Extensions
    should run in sandboxed processes so that if they are compromised,
    they can't access the local machine.

  • It
    should be trivial for authors to support secure auto-updates for

  • We must be able to blacklist extensions across all Chromium


Google Chrome a
great browser for social networking and streaming media. But without
added security features, and expansions of utilities with 3rd-party
development, the Google chrome browser still needs a lot of work, as
its recent development for Mac’s OS and Linux, are recent
releases, it is not recommended to make it your default browser until
you know what you’re doing. Remember, Google Chrome is still in
beta, and it may take months, or even years, for a stable release.
Incognito mode is recommended with multi-user workstations and shared
computers. Finally, I recommend a proxy should be used “Under
the Hood” of Chrome’s browser management settings to
prevent malicious scripting activities.


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I can say what I mean without knowing what I'm saying. Did I just mean to say that?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The river is already going to the ocean. Life is a river. Don't push it and you will not be miserable.
Bat dad knows no pain.. bat dad knows no fear. Prepare to be Bat-Dadded!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I want to be about to ping my blog on blackplanet (

Monday, February 16, 2009

Amanda L. French, Ph.D. Facebook gettin hated on... (
Twitter - GoToWebinar (
He was a common man expanded into giant proportions; well acquainted with the people, he placed his hand on the beating pulse of the nation

President's Day Salute

%u201CThe only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community against his will is to prevent harm to others.%u201D John Stuart Mill

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Commenting on - Why Do Some Women Freak Out On Their 30th Birthday? - April Sims (
I'm glad the weekend is extended for many. Enjoy your day.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My cuzo just txt'd me & said its full of angry women. Lol. That doesn't sound fun.
I was suppose to meet cuzo @ 2nd wind, & I think my DS played w/int lights on the car. Now I need a jump.
BJ woke up and I said Hi, and he waved. Then I said, Good Morning, and he grabbed my neck and said, No Morning!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh painatrate, oh painatrate, thanks for stopping the backache.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

No Class because the wind knocked the power off the school. It's about time its not my crib this time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tornado warnings here in Ohio. And Tornados in Hawaii? What's next? "We're not in Kansas anymore?"
Is wondering why kids like to bite the eraser head off pencils.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reading: Country Club Hills killins? (
This change of weather can increase colds and viruses. But hey, at least we can give the heating bill a break.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Its time for me to start a Sunday afternoon horseplay match.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I feel a lot better now. Time to enjoy the warm up.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Today is starting to get reeeeeeally aggravating.
I thought I could get away with a ghost image for Linux in the lab directory. Now I gotta go buy a blank CD for ubuntu. *sigh* Priorities

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disk cleanup, defrag, deleted program & old files, archived to USB, cleared old backups, deep cleaned. 48Gbs freed & cleared. Shame on me.
Now that I'm done organized my paperwork, my network is next.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big Momma BeatDown (
Big Momma BeatDown (
Ok..back to study

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

is finally done with most of the paperwork today.
I hate paperwork and filing.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Eating chicken & cheese nachos with multi-grain tortilla chips from last night. Plenty of sauce left. Come help me finish it off.
Up to 3 glasses of water now. Body feeling normal again. Maybe I can be productive today.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Now comes the best part. Cleaning up. *crack a beer open* I got most of it done. Til Monday.
Superbowl party hostess supreme!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Four Agreements (
I don't feel like cooking today.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Business snags.. But this time.. ♫ It ain't my fault...It ain't my fault.♫
Schools up, no buses, no teachers. Late arrivals. Aced midterm. Confusing lab. I wanna travel. Overate. I have a date.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Midterm wasn't as bad as I thought. I actually focused my study in the wrong area.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh great. Power is back up. That wasn't too bad. I really didn't feel like boiling water all night.
is wondering what to do with the kids since there is no school tomorrow

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You can lead a fish to water because they will live longer.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

*sigh* my son just locked himself in the bathroom. Such a weird kid.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm getting pissed at youtube now.How they gonna remove the audio on my most viewed video. Over 100,000.. *pissed*
Just saw Resident Evil Degeneration. My fav video game ever. Nice movie, better game.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I need some Melaleuca Ginseng flavored Ice Tea baaaad...
I'm dragging this morning. But I have a feeling my energy will kick in later.
I don't understand the whole Twilight thing. You see one human + vampire love story, you seen them all

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have survived.. woohoo.. kinda sleepy drunk.. but I'm good to go... home.. to.. bed.. and.. zzzzz
I will not fall asleep in class.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One day they are bouncing off the walls. Next day, they have a fever needing to be broken.. KIDS!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whew.. almost forgot about the special needs summer program expo tonight in Dublin. Outlook saved me.
Too much traffic online. Guess I'll just wait for the replay..Not a big deal for me anyway.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't be mad at me because you're stressed out over something that I don't see stressful. I'm lending an ear, not my blood pressure.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Money matters improve

January 18) Money matters improve.

Well, it should, I haven’t had a chance to spend too much. With this weather you stand indoors for awhile.


Hmm.. I have an idea for a google gadget, but I still have to work on my XML skills.


I had a vision of doing something really important in a dream, but now I can’t remember. It should come to me like devaju.

Good day for business.

Time to update my status for the Just Lose it Contest.

Be generous.

I do feel good about being the meaning of my name.

Romance shaky.

That figures, I’m not a romantic type, and definitely not in the mood today.

Honesty in communication is important

I haven’t lost weight yet, only inches. I tend to gain muscle pretty quickly, so it’s not so bad right now.
Time to update my planner for this week.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17) Contemplation and meditation.

Sounds like a yoga day.

Mental strength.

Perfect for finishing assignments.


And finish them quickly.

Distractions at work.

Hope I don’t surf too much today.

Need for patience.

I have been a little impatient with weight loss lately.


Great, I’ve been tense this week.

Avoid emotional confrontations.

Ok, I will not give my 2cents to a friend, and let it go.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dang.. what was that? I must need some coffee
Wow.. this yoono is pretty cool. I don't know how long is will says in my temp user settings though.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A chilly day in buckeye country.. Time for some chicken & wild rice soup? Yep.. boiling chicken and getting ready to throw down.. chop chop
Finally... a slow morning, but informed afternoon. Now, I can focus on a new script.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My mind is running a mile on speed. Concentrate!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. - Don Marquis

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I didn't know how much my 3yr old son love cooking shows. I just thought he was hungry when I cook, but he's fascinated right now.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great week, but weekend sucks

Well, my weight loss goals are on point, I'm keeping a steady pace, and didn't have any episodes of starvation. However, it's been awhile since I've been hungry. I didn't notice I haven't let myself get to the point of hunger in awhile, I just ate even when I wasn't hungry. That's bad.

This weekend is not going the way I wanted to though. I'm having some technical issues for school, and it's really frustrating. So much in fact, that I'm in a bad mood. Can't get out of this funk, because this problem has been ongoing for the past three days. I will get back into the swing of things, and try to pull an allnighter with my readings and study. I'm falling behind on making appointments as well (personal not business) and I have to get things together. My son has way to much energy today and getting into things, so that doesn't help my mood.

It's very slippery outside, so driving in those conditions on a weekend is not what I call fun, no matter how much I want to get out. *sigh*

Also having problems with an order from ebay, and the seller is not responding. I hope I haven't been had.

So much to do.. so little time. Don't you hate those moments, even though time has not changed, you let things get kinda crazy at the last minute, and you do you best, but your mood can make it better or worse.
Chatting with my neice online. She always beat me in online pool games.
wow.. I see 2012.1 today. hmmmmm..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If u take cold water baths in the winter, u will reduce sickness and flus... Let me hear u scream!!!
Increasing water intake is hard to do during the winter months. I get goosebumps. Waiting for my body to adjust.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Settling into a sustainable rhythm feels good today

Sunday, January 4, 2009

One more relaxing day and then it's back to churning butter.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Time to do some serious cleaning up.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The JustLoseIt contest has started. I'm ready. Just msg me to join my team.
I hope there's no more whining in 2009.
Still up celebrating but finally slowing down. Drinking sparkling wine in 2009!