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Monday, December 15, 2008

My 3 cent opinion for today.

As we joke about shoes flying, we give are 2cents about how the world sees us and Bush. Is it embarrassing to you to have the representative of your country, no matter how much you hate the guy, get shoes flying by their head? How valuable do you consider that two cents?

"..when even higher metal prices drove the penny's cost to 1.67 cents, according to the Mint. The cost of making a nickel then was nearly a dime." -- CNN

It's time for change? Ok, what are we gonna do about our change? Coming from the Land of Lincoln, I wonder how Obama will handle this 50+million a year problem we lose in the cost of a penny. Consider the 200th anniversary for Lincoln is coming up next year as well... do you feel the irony in that?

Maybe it's me.

And that's my 3 cents for today.

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