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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Money matters improve

January 18) Money matters improve.

Well, it should, I haven’t had a chance to spend too much. With this weather you stand indoors for awhile.


Hmm.. I have an idea for a google gadget, but I still have to work on my XML skills.


I had a vision of doing something really important in a dream, but now I can’t remember. It should come to me like devaju.

Good day for business.

Time to update my status for the Just Lose it Contest.

Be generous.

I do feel good about being the meaning of my name.

Romance shaky.

That figures, I’m not a romantic type, and definitely not in the mood today.

Honesty in communication is important

I haven’t lost weight yet, only inches. I tend to gain muscle pretty quickly, so it’s not so bad right now.

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