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Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Focus Tip of the day

"When I learn to juggle personal goals with more basic needs in my home life, I will succeed at making both me and my family proud."

Expanding my home network has been on my mind for about two months now. Sooner or later, I knew I would have to get another computer, but just didn't know which means to go by for just an extra desktop upstairs. Pawn shop? Ebay? I'm not into anything new at the moment.

So, I make good time getting to class today. Trying to get into the swing of things and improving my writing this semester. I go to the cafĂ© to get some more coffee and maybe a turkey sandwich, and low and behold….

Computer liquidation sale, everything must go!

Yep, DeVry got new computers, extended classrooms, and other network remodeling. Great, I thought, I could at least get a decent CPU to run LinuxOS on for experience and expand my network.

"How much for one of these professor?" (one of the IT instructors is assisting to run the show) and I pointed to the line up on the table. Some of them looked disassembled.

"$10. But these are just for parts." and as I was beginning to get dismayed, and thinking of the experience of working inside a CPU and before completely the thought of, Well it's only 10 buck… he said, "But these models over here at the end are completely build for $50." What? Only $50.. Ok, I'm gonna get one, but he interrupts my thoughts again, "Or you can get 2 for $80" So, thinking rapidly, Oo I could use one for a desktop and one as a file server.. Sold

Comes with no OS, completely cleaned out. After I loaded up the car and went back to class, I was thinking of all the extras I need and what to bid on ebay. Then I went back downstairs, thinking well, I should at least try to find some of the accessories I need.

"I'm back" I announced. "I need accessories, how much are the keyboards?"




"Power cords?"

"You have to go through that box in the back row"

So, I went through it, found 2 power cords, 2 printer cords, 2 monitor cords, and ethernet cable.

"Ok, how much for these cords and cables?"

"Um….I'll give em to ya for $1"

So, I got two keyboards, mouse, and cords for $5.

They didn't give up monitors, but that's ok, I have an extra at home. Plug everything in, start it up, and I my monitor is acting all weird. I bet my son did something to it. It's been in my closet for months. Before I pickup BJ, I better try to find a monitor at the pawn shop. Got a decent Panasonic for $25 and I was good to go.

Get home, hook it up, and the regular "no boot disk…restart with boot disk" warnings came up so I'm ready to roll. I have to find a good LinuxOS. The last thing I want to do is waste money on proprietary software with 2004 CPUs. I'm just happy I have two 80GB of storage to add stuff. Something is wrong with my DVD-Rom drive on my laptop, (BEEEEJAAAY), so I can't create an image CD for Ubuntu or other LinuxOS systems, so I just had to order from Amazon for 1cent and wait. Once I add the OS and the CPUs to my wireless network, I can begin the Twilight Hack for the Wii, then I will be satisfied with my home network.

Then I remember posting a funny comment to Chris Pirillo about "FreeNAS" because I said, "You're gonna have NAS fans thinking he got locked up, and is now free. Ha"

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