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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sun gazing another 100th monkey

Well... Its been two days since I started sun gazing and I'm beginning to feel a difference in my head. I also had a little more energy.

I doubt if I ever get to the point of no food unless its a survival static and we all know with the way our economy is going, we can never be too cautious.

The first thing I noticed was my head feeling funny. It wasn't like a headache, but I wanna say it was like my head was full? That sounds kinda weird even as I write it. Head full, more like I'm full of it right! LOL

Anyway, one of my main goals is improving my eyesight without the help of lazer surgery. And of course, less stress. The less stress part seems to be working first. But then again, the kids are back in school, so I try to be realistic about it. But its still a good time to start. Jumping into something of this nature is not something you want to do when you're high strung.

Don't you hate it when you try to have some alone time in the tub and a 2yr old is banging on the door pissed off because they want to join mommy. How I wish they understood the importance of mommy time.

Heck, I wish grown men understood that too.

Maybe I will ask the sun.

The recommended time to sungaze is either sunrise or sunset. I'm facing east so I'll stick to the sunrise while the kids are still sleep or right before I get my daughter off to school. So far I kinda treat it like my coffee in the morning.

I haven't been ground yet and I understand the benefits of sun tea. Since I'm with melaleuca, I use the tea tree tea, and it is perfect for sun tea. Esp the apple berry. I don't need sugar at all.

Well I guess that's enough of my rant for today.

See ya later world.

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