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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

i feel bad for blogger and the moblog trojan

Well. I see blogger is going through the motions. Well I don't really use the mobile email to post on my blogs because I have a blackberry. And I never bothered adding that email address to any other address book but the one in my phone. But then again, I alway give my spam emails a quick lookover to make sure none of my legitimate emails get through there and then I dump.

Spamming with viruses is becoming a real issue on the internet because people are so deperate in building a list that they will do anything for it. Not even realizing if the software is viral or not.

All I can tell you is be extremely careful and try to remember to do a scan either during lunchbreaks, or if you're working at home, during your cleaning hours or right before you go to bed.

So people install software that run automatic. I don't really use this function. I rather just make it part of my routine to keep me on task and in order. Its sort of like a mind game.

Anyway. To all my mobile bloggers, "See ya on the virus battlefield"!


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